Study In New Zealand - Open work permit after 1 year study, IELTS 5.5 / 6.0, Tuition fees after visa, No Visa Interview, Easy Settlement

New Zealand specialises in delivering world-class educational programmes to national and international students. Students are welcome from all over the world to study at friendly modern campuses. As a student, you can look forward to an enjoyable experience and plenty of personal guidance as you gain a highly respected qualification. The focus is always on providing a quality education and enjoyable experience to the students. The aim is to create a harmonious balance between education and lifestyle in a vibrant, international environment. The college and universities can also help you with visa applications, course and career advice, accommodation and immigration opportunities. All the students are highly respected and well cared for throughout their time with colleges and universities. This very personal attention is reflected in the positive feedback we get from our students and their successful academic achievements.


The highly academically qualified and experienced tutors deliver real business knowledge that will put you at the cutting edge of global industry trends with extensive use of local and international experience. A majority of tutors are bi-lingual and know what it is like to learn another language and therefore understand the challenges the students will have. Many of the tutors are consultants to industry and so are fully up-to-date with the latest requirements that employers are looking for.


A majority of our qualifications have multiple intakes a year and so cater for your needs. English language programmes start most Mondays during the year and certificate, diploma and degree comparable programmes have up to 4 intakes a year. 


The colleges and universities career counselling facility will help assist you in choosing a rewarding career keeping in mind your strengths and your progress in the theoretical and practical concepts pertaining to your chosen qualification.  In addition, depending on your student eligibility, the Job search support will assist you in finding a part-time or full-time position. Most of the employment pathways information is available from

Your Visa/Student Permit

The Immigration New Zealand (INZ) looks after Student Visas and Permits. If you have any questions about your Student Visa or Permit, go for the address of a branch near you and renewal forms, or phone free on: 0508 558 855.

INZ has access to a FREE telephone interpreting service called Language Line. It operates from Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm. When you contact INZ either by phone or face to face, just ask for Language Line and your language (for example: Language Line, Mandarin). Language Line is available in 44 languages. For further details go to:

If you wish to change to another education provider, you'll need to go to an INZ office (refer to the website above) to update your Student Permit. You should take with you a record of your attendance, which your school or institution can give you.

It's important to know the conditions of your Student Permit and to make sure that it matches what you are doing. Remember to note when it runs out (the date it expires). If you haven't finished your study, you may be able to renew your Student Permit as long as you still meet the conditions. You'll need to go to an INZ office (refer to the website above).

If you have a limited purposes Visa or Permit, once it has expired it can't be renewed except in the most extreme of circumstances.

Student Permit applications in Auckland are carried out by mail or you can put the forms into the box at INZ offices in Auckland. Your passport and documents will be returned to you by courier after INZ completed processing your visa application. If you are in a city other than Auckland, you can download an application from the INZ website, complete the form and take it with your passport to the nearest INZ office for processing.