Study in Belarus

School of Business and Management of Technology Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus).

Belarusian State University is the oldest University in Belarus and is also well - known in the world. Its School of Business and Management of Technology is the largest and oldest business school in Belarus. It has a great reputation for its high quality business education.

SBMT BSU has all National accreditations and always adapt its programs according to the demands of a quickly changing modern business environment.

For International students the University offers two programs which are taught in English language:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Duration 4 years, Tuition Fees per year USD $3,995)
  • Master of Business Administration (Duration 2 years, Tuition Fees per year USD $3,995)

Opportunities of BBA Program in English

  1. Training process in English - great opportunity to use English in practice.
  2. Visiting faculties from the European Union and USA.
  3. Interactive methods of learning - development of communication skills and social skills in multicultural environment.
  4. New Career Prospective and increase of your personal competitiveness at the labor market.
  5. Networking: contacts with the students and international professors from different countries.
  6. Intensive language course for using in Business.