International Student Health Insurance

Study Abroad in

  • United Kingdom,  Ireland
  • USA,  Canada
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic,  Poland
  • Malaysia
  • Australia,  New Zealand
  • Cyprus
  • South Korea

Student Health Insurance

  • Designed to meet the Insurance needs of International Students
  • Elite, Select, Budget, Smart options available
  • Plans include coverage for Emergency Medical evacuation, sports, mental Health, maternity (Budget & Select) and more !


Our Services

Global Student Connect provides various services to you such as getting Admissions in Colleges and Universities in United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Portugal, Lithuania, Cyprus, Poland, Slovakia, Georgia, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Latvia, Malaysia, South Korea and extending to other countries.
We provide Online courses covering MBA, MA in Marketing & Innovation and BA(Hons) in Marketing which is very convenient and suitable featuring One-to-One tutorial support with flexible timeframes.